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Report by Jeremy Litke
The first qualifier the grip had come upon the track since practice. The car was hard to drive and was making one too many mistakes. Ended up P2 overall. In the second qualifier, I made a tire change from Aka Grid 2 to Aka double down and I also made a caster change to try and make the car easy to drive. It was better for the first half of the race. As the race went on the track got more grip. Finish p1 in round 2. For the third qualifier, I made some more setup change like role center and shock oil to help the car take the bumps better. Wow it was way easier to drive. Made 2 mistakes and Finished P2 overall.

For the main, I made a caster change just to make the car not so lazy to drive and it was the best main I've had in a long time. Peter Tozser and I had some great battles for the first 5 minutes of the race. I made a mistake and Peter pull a lead. After the pitstop happen I put a charge to get back to the leader. On the last lap the leader made a mistake and I was able to take the WIN.

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Nitro buggy results:
1. Jeremy Litke - XRAY XB8
2. Peter Toszer
3. Carter Herasymiuk

Report by Paul Parks
This past weekend saw the first race of the 2021 season at RCGears. The first two rounds of the series were cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

I entered in the Ebuggy class for the points series, using the XB8E'21. The first points day had a lot of participants.

After a couple days of rain, the track was very hard packed with a combination of dusty and chunking conditions. This made for tricky grip conditions, changing quickly between wet vs dry track conditions.

For Q1 I was able to set the TQ pace. Running our standard setup.

For Q3 I again adjusted my shock package, with the rise in track temperatures. I went up to 600/450/22c. I was expecting temperatures to keep rising and wanted to test prior to the mains. There was a good battle for overall TQ, getting through traffic proved to be the decider and I ended up qualifying P2 overall.

For the mains, I left my shock package with (600/450,23c) as well I went with a tire more suited for drying conditions over a 10 min main. There was a long gap prior to my main and I was nervous with temps dropping. I didn't have time to adjust my shock package, but felt comfortable from running a little heavy the previous run. With wet track conditions early I tracked the leader, looking for an opening. On lap two I took an inside lane for the lead and stretched out a 2 second gap. As the track dried, I started to push more, unfortunately, on lap 8, I caught a rut in a sweeper, which caused a tumble and allowed 2nd to just squeak past. I immediately put on a charge and the XB8e held the grip on drying conditions, again allowing me to turn inside of my opponent, retaking the lead 3 corners later. I continued to push hard, increasing my gap over second place. My decision to prepare for dry track conditions paid off as I was able to pull a 20 second lead over 2nd place over the next 14 laps.

Finished in P1 for Ebuggy

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Ebuggy results:
1. Paul Parks - XRAY XB8E
2. Gary Fliegel
3. Nikhil Walji