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Race report by Whalan
2021 XRS Round 3 @ Whalan race report.
Well, we are at the halfway mark of the 2021 series and the point score is close in all 3 TC classes. With some extremely close racing on the day nobody was giving up their chance to make the podium.
We were greeted with a heavy fog to start the day but come race time the weather was near perfect for racing. A single round of practice to start the day gave all racers the chance to get those final details sorted and have their cars on point for Q1.

17.5 CLASS
This was always going to be the class that offered the closest racing with 27 entries all aiming for those important 10 spots into the A MAIN.
As it turned out it was a battle of four for the podium. Adam Frankish, Bruce Seaton, Ray Zarb and Scott Hill. These guys changed places in all three finals with the fight for top step coming down to A3. It was Adam Frankish that took A3 giving him 2 wins and therefore the bragging rights for the day.
The new 17.5 motor has certainly livened up this class as the racing in the mid pack was just as frantic.

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17.5 stock results:
1. Adam Frankish
2. Bruce Seaton
3. Ray Zarb - XRAY T4

13.5 CLASS
And now to the class of the "young guns vs the seasoned racers".
It was the on fire Brayden Stanley that came out firing taking all three qualies and announcing he was the one to beat. And he didn't disappoint taking all 3 mains in comfort. However, the final two spots on the podium was where the battle was with Christian Silva, Tate Firth and Pete Wong leaving nothing on the track with some epic battles.
The racing in the mid pack was just as frantic with everyone trying to capture those much needed points towards the end of season point score.

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13.5 results:
1. Brayden Stanley
2. Christian Silva
3. Tate Firth

This was always going to go down to the wire with current series leader Simon Nicholson and 2nd place Jeffrey Mackie continuing their series long battle. With a win in A1 to Jeffrey and then A2 to Simon is was down to A3 for the top step on the podium. Whilst all this was happening it was John Puse sitting in 3rd just waiting for his chance to step up. As has been in the last 2 rounds it was Simon that made the best of TQ and took the win.
Its a credit to these guys for the skills shown driving these cars at the pace they travel.

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Modified results:
1. Simon Nicholson
2. Jeffrey Mackie
3. John Puse

The little foam flyers were out to get some quality track time for the upcoming NSW State Titles and as such were keen to show who had the pace.
It was Steven Cornell that took TQ and signalling his intentions for the rest of the day. However, both Dan Maher and Chris Peet had other ideas. With Dan taking A1 and A2 as well as Chris Peet showing some speed it was up to Steven to finish on a high taking A3.

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1/12 stock results:
1. Dan Maher
2. Steven Cornell
3. Chris Peet

Now it's on to the next round. Round 4 will be held at the John Grant International Raceway at Moorebank on July 10th. Another fast flowing track were speed and consistency will count.
See you there.