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Race report by Kevin Nielsen
Race report from 3rd round of Danish nationals.

With the summer finally kicked in, we had two very nice days at the big and super-fast track in Naestved with good natural grip. Especially for the practice Saturday, we had some issues with pollen, but for the race, is was solved as the track was cleaned more often.

In Denmark we only get one set of race tires, so if you get a set which is not great, then you have to get the best out of it.

On Sunday before the race, we showed up as the first ones at the track, and got some really fast and positive labs in, so everything was set, and we was ready. Unfortunately with my race tires, it was a completely different story.
I was able to win the first qualification by around 1.2 sec. in front of a flying Soren Boy Holst.

After first qualification, my steering was gone, as the tires was completely done. We tried the best possible we could, but unfortunately I couldn't feel any differences when we made setup changes.

After the finals, I had to settle for the 2nd spot, as my Team mate Patrick had some unlucky moments.

Thanks to my XRAY Team mates for a nice and sunny weekend

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Modified results:
1. Soren Boy Holst
2. Kevin Nielsen - XRAY T4
3. Patrick Danielsen - XRAY T4

Race report by Michael Johnsen
Strong driver line up again this time for round 3, Top ETS FWD drivers Steven Olsen and Nicolai Nielsen along Top +40 driver Casper Morgen, we were in for yet a fantastic race.
First qualy was for me with Steven only 1 sec behind, super close.
Second qualy, we switched , now Steven 1 sec in front of me.
Last qualifier to decide top spot. Super close all heat, Steven took it just 1/10 in front of me.
Well 3 super close finals, Steven took them all, I was under 1 sec behind, and despite a little speed advantage because the Ride tyres expand, I was not able to get by. Thanks to Steven for a close and fair race, not once we touched despite very close racing.

Now 2 months break for the summer holiday, next race beginning august.

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FWD results:
1. Steven Olsen
2. Michael Johnsen - XRAY T4F
3. Caspar Morgen - XRAY T4F

Thanks to RyeskovRacing/xray team for a super nice weekend.
Thanks to RyeskovRacing for the support over the years.
Thanks to the Naestved club and only 2 members doing the race , fantastic job , even it was their first race as time keeper.