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Race report by Ty Tessmann
The ROAR 1/8 Electric Nationals was held this past weekend at SS Hobbies and Raceway in Tampa, FL. We worked on setup throughout the day and my cars were handling really well. The traction was quite high and the surface stayed pretty clean throughout the day, they put some sort of additive on the track to start with.

Thursday was ROAR controlled practice in the morning and 2 rounds of seeding by heats later in the day, I seeded 5th in truggy and 3rd in buggy and I was confident heading into qualifying on Friday.

Friday morning we arrived at the track and saw that they had again done some track maintenance and fixed some holes, we ran about a 4 minute practice in our qualifying heats to break the track in and then it was into qualifying.

Round one of truggy I would put in a clean run with no mistakes, it was a close battle for the lead but I would have to settle for second. In buggy round one I was also able to put in a clean run and take the TQ and I was happy with how my cars were performing.

Truggy round two started off well, then I would make a mistake on the left side of the track which would cost me 7 seconds and I would end up fifth for the round. In buggy again my car felt good and I had a clean run and would take the TQ for the round.

Friday night after qualifying they had some open practice, the track was getting a little bit torn up, when we arrived Saturday morning for qualifying it looked like they had patched some holes but didn't put any surface additive on the track. We had a four minute practice in heats to again run the track in.
Round three of truggy, I wouldn't make any mistakes, I just wasn't fast enough to take the lead and I would settle for second. In buggy I tried a different tread pattern as the track was getting so dusty and it was not a good choice and I would make a couple of mistakes and take 8th for the round.
Round four of truggy was also a fairly clean round but the racing was so close that even bumping a pipe could cost you a few positions, I did just that which bumped me out of the lead and I would settle for second for the round which would see me starting third on the grid on Sunday. In buggy I would go back to the tires that I ran in the first 2 rounds and would once again put in a clean run and take the TQ, which would give me the overall TQ for buggy.
After qualifying on Saturday they had open practice for 40 minutes which would allow me to get in a few laps to do some testing. The track got fairly dusty even though they had been blowing it off every second race, this seemed to be good for some drivers and not so good for others.

A1 of buggy I ended up turning into the pipe on the first lap which would shuffle me back to 7th, I would have to work my way back up and was only able to finish 4th.

A2 of truggy was off to a smooth start, and then I had an incident with 2nd place which would drop me to 5th and I again had my work cut out for me but with how close the racing was I was only able to make it up to 4th which is where I would finish.

A2 of buggy started off great, but then my buggy got unsettle in the top left corner and I had to check up, Ryan would get into me which was purely a racing incident but this would cause all kids of chaos in the back and would drop me to 7th place, I would battle back up and finish fourth.

A3 of truggy got off to a good start again and I was in 3rd position, when I touched the dust and got loose and hit the pipe and needed a marshall, this would drop me to 9th. I would try and work my way back up but it was very hard to make passes and would finish in 5th which would give me 2nd overall.

A3 of buggy again started off good but I would make a small bobble in the double double and Ryan would get by me, I tucked in behind him and followed him for a couple of laps and then was able to make a pass to get back in the lead but this was short lived as he and I would make contact a few corners later which let the pack catch up and after some bumping and grinding I would get pushed into the dust and clip the corner which would spin me around and I got collected in a bunch of cars and I would finish 4th, which would give me 5th overall.
The weekend didn't end like I had hoped with too many mistakes on my part and some unfortunate incidences on the track. Congratulations to team mate TJ Bradley on winning the Masters 40+ ebuggy class.

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Ebuggy 40+ results:
1. TJ Bradley - XRAY XB8E
2. Vito Pagnato
3. Corey Mcelveen

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Etruggy results:
1. Ryan Maifield
2. Ty Tessmann - XRAY XT8E
3. Joe Bornhorst

I want to thank my sponsors for giving me the best products to do it with Xray, RC America, Hobbywing, FX Engines, Hot Race Tires, MKS, A Main Hobbies, HUDY, VP fuels, Protek Rc, EZ Customs, Stickit1, Lunsford, Avid rc, OCRC and 110% Racing.
Thanks to my family for all their support, help and the sacrifices they have made throughout my career, thanks to my wife and most importantly I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, without him I would not be where I am.