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Estonian Nationals Round 3 was hosted at new RC Parnu astroturf racetrack.
In Nitro class, Rainer Ressar took the Q1 with a time that ended up giving him TQ. Hendrik Lainemae would take the Q2 and Q3 but not beating Rainers Q1 time which gave him 2nd starting position, followed by Tonis Lattik at 3rd spot. In the main final the main battle took place between Rainer and Hendrik untill Rainer flamed out before the first pit stop. Hendrik having no issues would cruise to the win of the main final followed by Rainer Ressar in second and Tonis Lattik in third place.

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1/8 Nitro buggy results
1. Hendrik Lainemae - XRAY XB8 - FX Engine
2. Rainer Ressar - XRAY XB8 - FX Engine

3. Tonis Lattik

In eBuggy class, Hendrik Lainemae took the TQ followed by Karl Martinson and Risto Haug.
In A1 final close battle took place between Hendrik and Karl till the last corner, unfourtunately Karl's car ran out of battery in last corner costing him the win of A1. In A2 the fight was on again between Hendrik and Karl untill mid race when Karl made a huge crash costing him 22 seconds. Hendrik would secure the win in A2 and also A3 making him the winner in eBuggy class.

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1/8 Electric buggy results
1. Hendrik Lainemae - XRAY XB8E
2. Karl Martinson - XRAY XB8E
3. Rihard Lainemae - XRAY XB8E
4. Risto Haug - XRAY XB8E
5. Markus Ubaleht - XRAY XB8E

6. Edgar Lips
7. Romet Virkus
8. Juri-Kaur Schultz