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What? The Xray challenge “the Netherlands” is an event which will be organised by Serpent Benelux (distributor of Hudy and Xray products). The goal of this event is to give all Xray drivers a nice day with a different race format.

When? September 3, 2006

Where? RACO, Utrecht, The Netherlands (http://www.raco2000.nl)

Who? The Xray challenge is for all Xray drivers, from expert to parkinglot racer. With the following sizes will be raced:
1/10th 190mm electro stock class (NOMAC)
1/10th 190mm electro modified class (NOMAC)
1/12th electro T1M class (19 Turns, M-Auto Wintercompetitie)
1/18th M18 class with 300 motor + 6 cells & rubber or foam tyres
1/18th M18T (truck) class with 300 motor + 6 cellen on foamtyres (rubber-
tyres are also allowed).

Sunday september 3rd

The Xray challenge will be a race in a different raceformat. On the whole day there will be 4 or 5 (depending on the amount of drivers)“mini races”. On the end of the day, all races will be counted, and each class will have a winner. On september 3rd there will be several Xray team drivers to help people with adjusting their cars (for instance Jilles Groskamp and Tony Vredenberg will be there). When the weather is bad, there is a possibilty to race indoor with 1/18 cars. People with 1/10 and 1/12 can decide if they want to race in the rain or not.
Saturday september 2nd
On saturday september 2nd it is possible for people to train on the RACO track for only
€ 5.-

Entries? Entry fee will be € 20.- for each class. This € 20.- is including a lunch (complete salade bar), drinks are not included.

Trophy’s? There will be no trophy’s, but real Hudy and Xray prices, so be there !!!

Pricedraw? At the end of the day there will be a price draw with nice Hudy and Xray products. So when you are not a skilled driver, the chance is big you win a price anyway !

Body’s? All body’s are allowed for 1/18 classes.
Electro 1/10 will drive with touringcar body’s (with NOMAC rules).
The 1/12 class will also drive with touringcar body’s (M-Auto Wintercup rules, only with 19 turns motor).

Lunch? Sunday afternoon we will organise a nice lunch buffet with saladebar + sate. This lunch is included in the entry fee.

Please send your entry form filled in to: [email protected]