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Race report by Tomas Liptak
Last 5th round of Nitro Czech Nationals Series took place 3rd - 5th September in Brno.
It was a difficult weekend for me after two years without Nitro racing.
Finally after small changes on my XRAY RX8.2 I was able to found the correct setup and I took 2nd place on the grid to the Main Final. I managed to win in this 30 minute final run 0.5 seconds before 2nd Pavel Jansa and 3rd Vitezslav Hola.
I attended only one race of the Czech National Series which consisted of five races, so I couldn't fight for the Czech national title.

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1/8 nitro results:
1. Tomas Liptak - XRAY RX8.2
2. Pavel Jansa
3. Vitezslav Hola - XRAY RX8.3

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1/10 nitro results:
1. Michal Jansa
2. Simon Horak - XRAY NT1
3. Tomas Cibulka - XRAY NT1

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1/8 Electric results:
1. Marcel Dostal - XRAY RX8E
2. Igor Liptak - XRAY RX8E
3. Daniel Urban - XRAY RX8E

This was the final round of Czech Nationals

Congratulations to Vitezslav Hola crowned as Czech National Champion in 1/8 Nitro class with XRAY RX8.3 and

Marcel Dostal as double Czech National Champion in 1/10 Nitro with XRAY NT1.3 and 1/8E with XRAY RX8E

Overal final 1/8 nitro results:
1. Vitezslav Hola - XRAY RX8
2. Ales Rajdus ml. - XRAY RX8

3. Matej Knopp

Overal final 1/10 nitro results:
1. Marcel Dostal - XRAY NT1
2. Michal Janasa
3. Simon Horak - XRAY NT1

1/8 Overal electric results:
1. Marcel Dostal - XRAY RX8E
2. Daniel Urban - XRAY RX8E
3. Ivo Trojan - XRAY RX8E

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Katka Vasicova with NT1 was crowned as 2021 Czech Junior National Champion