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Report by Christoph Rohrmoser
The past weekend the third round of the Austrian championship took place at the technical RC Parndorf race track which was a good one for Christoph Rohrmoser with a TQ + Win + lap record (15.230).

From Thursday till Sunday we had only sunny weather.

In the qualification it was Christoph Rohrmoser who won 4 of 4 runs which secured him the overall TQ and the direct spot in the main final. In the super pole it was Stefan Strasser who took the second spot for the main final.

In the main final Christoph gained a huge gap between him and the rest of the field with flawless driving and a perfect working car. Christoph Rohrmoser took the victory, the championship is still open and will be decided at the last race in mid-September.

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1/10 overal results:
1. Christoph Rohrmoser - XRAY NT1
2. Michael Katzmayer
3. Stefan Strasser

Report by Thomas Sutrich
On Sunday Leo was able to counter, but he had to admit defeat to Tobias by 13 / 100sec. Both Nejc and Leo had to make the Super Pole decision, which Leo won with around
1 / 10sec. was able to gain an advantage over Nejc.

In the first 1/2 final Nejc won ahead of Gerhard Kandelhart and Franz Engel, in the second Manuel Trinko won ahead of Marcell Wostalek and Gerhard Brunner.

In the final, Tobias was unable to use his pole position and found himself in second place behind Kandelhart, and after an engine cut on lap 40 even in 7th place. Nejc was only able to start the race 2 minutes late because a pulley was defective when it was driven in by a stone. Before his second refueling stop, Leo Varga took over the lead, which he did not give up until the end. Tobias could not repeat the consistently good lap times in the heats because of an imperfect engine-clutch setting and had to be content with 3rd place. After a good race to catch up, Nejc found himself in 5th place.

Especially in the preliminary runs, both XRAY drivers were able to show the potential of their RX8.3, even if in the end it was only enough to win, you can confidently compete in the last run in Amstetten.

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1/8 nitro results:
1. Leonard Varga
2. Gerhard Kandelhart
3. Tobias Sutrich - XRAY RX8.3