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Race report by Manuel Wagner
The 4th and so last round of French National was held in Every at Mini Racing Team Essonne, very close to Paris.

The race weekend started on a sunny Friday with practice, but it was not the same story on Saturday and Sunday. Only the first qualify could be raced on dry track just before it started to rain without interruption until the end of the weekend.

In the stock class, Alexandre DUCHET could TQ the class with 2x TQ runs followed by Pierre DELORME also with 2x TQ Runs. Manuel WAGNER took the 4th spot on the grid.
Alex was able to win the first 2 final and so secured the race victory. Behind him, Pierre had a bit more trouble in the wet conditions during the first 2 finals and that benefitted to Manu who could grab the 2nd step on the podium and take the French National title

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Stock Round 4 results:
1. Alexandre DUCHET - XRAY
2. Manuel WAGNER - XRAY

3. Gilles RASQUIN

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Modified Round 4 results:
2. Antoine BRUNET - XRAY
3. Lucas URBAIN

Stock overall championship:
1. Manuel WAGNER - XRAY
2. Pierre DELORME - XRAY