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Race report by Roel Jongenelis

Last weekend was round 5 of the Dutch Nationals.
It was the final round of the Championship.
On the very fast track MAC de Baanbrekers, the High Speed Tempel.
The TW stock class has the largest starting field.

In the qualifications it was between Rob and Roel.
Roel missed the pole position by 0,007 of a second.

In the A-final it was Rob Janssen at the front. The best battle for P1 was between Rob Janssen and young driver Roel Jongenelis.

Roel Jongenelis was able to quickly join Rob Roel starting from P2 and fight continuously for P1.
In every final Roel Jongenelis was looking for a gap to get past.
In the end of 3 finals Rob was able to keep P1. Under the constant hard pressure from Roel Jongenelis. Who was able to take P2 and on the podium.

Stock last round results:
1. Rob Janssen
2. Roel Jongenelis - XRAY
3. Ronald Arts

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Overall results:
1. Rob Janssen
2. Ronald Arts
3. Roel Jongenelis - XRAY

Roel Jongenelis is 2021 Dutch Junior National Champion