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Report by Monika Ackermann
XRAY win at Chiasso PRO Stock, F1 and FWD
The last run for the Swiss Championship in Chiasso was in XRAY hands.
Congratulations to all pilots for the great results.

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Pro Stock results:
1. Valentino Malighetti - XRAY
2. Boris Siladi - XRAY
3. Nuno Huber - XRAY
4. Darco Meister - XRAY

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Formula results:
1. Fabio Marzini - XRAY
2. Urs Burkhard - XRAY
3. Emiliano D'Aria - XRAY

FWD results:
1. Leo Bottinelli - XRAY
2. Michael Hauptli
3. Valerio Solca - XRAY