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Race report by Bruno Coelho

Last weekend held the TOS Race in Neumunster, Germany. The facility is amazing and the club guys are very friendly, looking always to our needs! After a long time without driving on the carpet we went two days before the race to test and prepare everything with our brand new X4! Our car was working very good and we were able to find very early a good pace and setup for our X4, which gave me the chance to manage the TQ and Win in a very close fight with Volker and Marc. I enjoyed the race a lot, I was missing high competition races and close fights with other drivers.

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1/10 TC Modified Results:
1. & TQ Bruno Coelho - XRAY X4
2. Ronald Volker - Mugen
3. Marc Rheinard - Awesomatix

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1/10 TC Stock Results:
1. Max Machler - Awesomatix
2. Alexandre Duchet - XRAY X4
3. Berkan Kilic - Mugen

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1/10 FWD Results:
1. Jonas Volker
2. Stefan Schulz - XRAY T4F
3. Manuel Stankowitz

Looking forward to the next race!!!