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Second round of famous XRAY Racing Series Poland winter edition took place last weekend at Titan RC Arena, Warsaw. This time only change on the track was slippery part at the wall ride.

Number of entries reached 106 entries.

4WD open class in qualys was dominated by Bartek but in mains after a great fight between Bartek and Sebastian that Sebastian handled overall 1st followed by Bartek and Stephan Sidler.

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4WD Open Results:
1. Sebastian Migal - XRAY XB4
2. Bartek Kramza - XRAY XB4

3. Stephan Sidler - Team AE

2WD open class won Bartek Kramza followed by Kay Frencher and Stephan Sidler.

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2WD Open Results:
1.Bartek Kramza - XRAY XB2
2.Kay Frencher - Team AE
3.Stephan Sidler - Team AE

2WD stock was won by Tomek Wysocki followed by XRAY driver Adrian Wionczyk and Jacek Wysocki in 3rd.

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2WD Stock Results:
1. Tomek Wysocki - Schumacher
2. Adrian Wionczyk - XRAY XB2
3. Jacek Wysocki - Schumacher

4WD stock was won by Xray diver Wiktor DelÄ…g followed by Jacek Wysocki and Pawel Wyszomierski.

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4WD Stock Results:
1. Wiktor Delag - XRAY XB4
2. Jacek Wysocki - Schumacher
3.Pawel Wyszomierski - XRAY XB4

Truck Pro Rafal Ertel grabbed TQ but that XRAY driver Kuba Krus in mains overtook Rafal and won, 3rd place came to another XRAY driver Roman Debiec.

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Truck Pro Results:
1. Kuba Krus - XRAY XT2
2. Rafal Ertel - Schumacher
3. Roman Debiec - XRAY XT2

Short course 2WD was led by great Xray driver Marcin Czech. He took TQ and overall win, second was Rafal Ertel followed by Janusz Pablich

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Short course 2WD Results:
1. Marcin Czech - XRAY
2. Rafal Ertel - Team AE
3. Janusz Pablich - Team AE

2WD stock easy, this class has been won by fresh young driver Szymon Skorupski followed by XRAY driver Lukasz Seferynski in 2nd and Roman Panek in 3rd.

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2WD Stock Easy Results:
1. Symon Skorupski - Team AE
2. Lukasz Seferynski - XRAY XB2
3. Roman Panek - XRAY XB2

Short course 4WD after a battle full of emotions Janusz Palich took the overall win followed by Roman Debiec and Adam Tomala in 3rd .

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Short Course 4WD Results:
1.Janusz Pablich
2.Roman Debiec
3.Adam Tomala

Emini This time the win didn't come easily for Kuba Krus but in the mains after a fight with Jakub Lukasek. 3rd place came to Kamil Miczek.

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Emini Results:
1.Kuba Krus
2.Jakub Lukasek
3.Marcin Amrozik