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Race Report by Alain Sarafyan
Winter has come and after the 1.5-year break to winter races at our Indoor Carpet Track. We are lucky that we found a chance to start short series at Race Roof.

Season starting very good with motivating start for most of us to have high competition races.
This weekend fresh built X4 was under command of my radio and especially high competition level basic setup worked perfect and I won the first race of the season.
Thanks for the big challenge by teammate Ali Kaya that motivated me to keep my adrenaline top level.
Thanks to all supporters, racers, and hobby shops. Without them, this fun cannot be created.

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A main results:
1. Alain Sarafyan - XRAY X4
2. Ali Kaya - XRAY T4

3. Yunus Sahin

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B main results:
1. Emre Bozdogan - XRAY T4
2. Caghan Turna
3. Mirac Kaya - XRAY X4

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C main results:
1. Kerem Duzgit
2. Oguz Akyildiz - XRAY T4
3. Ozdemir Ari - XRAY T4