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Race report by Cham Dessanyake
XRAY X4 and X1 win Indoor RC Romand (IRCR) Savigny Round 2

The second round of the IRCR - Indoor RC Romand race was held on Saturday and Sunday 27/28 November 2021 at Savigny, not too far from Lausanne, Switzerland. 60 plus entries were recorded in all classes, and more top-level drivers from both France and Switzerland were present.
Race weekend format has been validated as very participant friendly and popular. Hall opened on Saturday at 2pm and slightly after 3 pm the track was laid down and practice laps were underway - until 10pm non-stop. One imposed tire traction compound + the ETS carpet again saw very good traction level. Sunday, which was the race day and not too early start, saw one timed practice heat, four qualifications, and three finals, for a maximum drive time per class.

In Touring Car 13.5T boosted, it was Pierre Delorme with has brand new X4 which dominated the class with, overall TQ and P1 in all three A mains.

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13.5 boost results:
1. Pierre Delorme - XRAY X4
2. Valentino Malighetti - XRAY X4

3. Bastien De Marco
4. Jeremy Limoges - XRAY X4
5. Benjamin Jebira
6. Sebastien Leuenberger
7. Benjamin Elbisser - XRAY X4
8. Boris Siladi - XRAY X4

9. Patrick Hofer
10. Cham Dassanayake - XRAY X4

In Formula 1 class, the qualifications were dominated by Chrigi Baeriswly, with his X1. He TQ'd and won all three rounds of the A main.

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(click to enlarge)

Formula results:
1. Chrigu Baeriswyl - XRAY X1
2. Antoine Dubois - XRAY X1
3. Sylvio Kiesewetter - XRAY X1
4. Kalen Dassanayake - XRAY X1

5. Goran Eres
6. Olivier Dubois - XRAY X1

Many thanks to Cham for the race report and the photos.