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Race report by Zdenek Hamak
On Sunday 28.11.2021 were in Prague first race advised by Rebels race team. Very nice flowing track in well-known facility. Due to Covid restriction was on start 70 cars in 6 categories. Thanks organizers for made such a great event.

From beginning the car was fast, but very hard to drive on low grip and on new tyres. After some adjustment, I was very comfortable with car. I was able to get TQ with comfortable lead. Behind me it was close battle between Jakub Kneys and Martin Kratochvil. Martin was slightly better and take 2nd spot.
In every final I pulled away and went safety for win. I was able to fine tune the setup to get the best possible performance from my XRAY X4. Close battle for second spot continue in finals. Martin Kratochvil was able to defend second place. Jakub Kneys was third.
Big jump made Marcel Dostal, which was able to jump from 10th to 4th place.

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Modified results:
1. Zdenek Hamak - XRAY X4
2. Martin Kratochvil - XRAY X4
3. Jakub Kneys - XRAY X4
4. Marcel Dostal - XRAY X4

5. Jiri Jarolimek ml.
6. Vitezslav Hola - XRAY T4
7. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
8. Michal Kneys - XRAY X4
9. Jan Havlicek - XRAY X4
10. Miroslav Loupy - XRAY X4

Fastest was Karel Kratochvil, who controlled the race. Second was Martin Kratochvil. Jirka Svoboda was 3rd after qualifications, but in final lose one spot and third was Dominik Vlasek.

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Stock results:
1. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
2. Martin Kratochvil - XRAY X4

3. Domink Vlasek
4. Jirka Svoboda - XRAY X4
5. Zdenda Benes - XRAY T4
6. Jakub Vanek - XRAY T4
7. Honza Honek - XRAY T4

8. Jan Domansky
9. Milan Roubinek - XRAY T4
10. Dominik Stangl - XRAY T4

It is great to see so many young drivers starting their career in this great hobby. Many of them with XRAY cars.

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