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Race report by Lukas Hoch
Jedovnice - MR cup R2 was held in date 19.-20.2021 in the school hall like always.
Main classes were modified, stock and F1.
In modified we could see great fights between Radko and Karel. Radko secured TQ in front of Karel, in each final they gave both everything to deliver maximum with their cars. At the end Radko was on the better side and took the win in front of Karel.

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Modified results:
1. Radko Cernohous - XRAY X4
2. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
3. David Mestan - XRAY X4

In stock it was a one man show for Adam, he easily secured TQ and win. Great fight were going on between the others, but the men with the biggest smile there was Karel followed by Radko.

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Stock results:
1. Adam Izsay - XRAY X4
2. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
3. Radko Cernohous - XRAY X4

In Formula class it was pretty the same story as in stock, Lukas was able to show the pace, followed by Ales and Libor. Everyone behind Lukas delivered an amazing fight and until A3 was nothing decided.

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Formula results:
1. Lukas Hoch - XRAY X1
2. Ales Horak - XRAY X1
3. Libor Holub - XRAY X1