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Registration for 2021 XRAY XMAS RACE is open!

You can register HERE

The rules will be the same as XRS Slovakia BUT IT WILL NOT BE COUNTED AS A PART OF XRS SLOVAKIA. See you all there!

Note that 2021 XRAY Xmas race in Hudy Arena will be run in OP mode (OP mode means that only fully-vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 people can attend) due to government restrictions. The proof of full Covid-19 vaccination or recovery is mandatory. Those proofs/confirmations will be checked at the door prior entering the Hudy Arena. Kids 12 years old or younger can attend with no restrictions.

All persons are required to wear FFP2 face mask covering nose and mouth all the time except dining area.

There will be also open practice on Monday 27th December 2021 from 10:00 until 20:00 CET. Practice will be also run in OP mode.