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Race report by Adam Izsay and Zsolt Bajusz
Hungarian RcProf Challenge Rd.3 was on last weekend with the biggest amount of entries in Hungary this season.

The race run with multiple classes, however the 3 main class were Stock 13.5, 2wd and 4wd buggy. In the Stock 13.5 class it was Adam Izsay taking the TQ in all qualifications with XRAY X4 in front the other 2 XRAY drivers Mark Valent in 2nd and Simon Ciudan in 3rd.
In the finals Adam was able to convert the TQ spot into the Win in all finals, as there were big fights for 2nd with Simon Ciudan coming out better and took 2nd place while Mark Valent had to settle for 3rd making it an all XRAY podium.

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Stock 13.5 results:
1. Adam Izsay - XRAY X4
2. Simon Ciduan - XRAY X4
3. Mark Valent - XRAY X4

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Stock 21.5T results:
1. Bence Erdodi
2. Tamas Korneli
3. Oliver Huba - XRAY X4

In the 2 buggy classes there were super close fight for the podium with winners were decided in the last finals of both classes. In the 2wd buggy class after some tight racing between the top 3 in all finals it was Zsolt Bajusz Junior with XRAY XB2 taking the Win closely followed by Barabas Toth in 2nd and Antonia Kovalszki in 3rd.

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2WD buggy results:
1. Zsolt Bajusz Junior - XRAY XB2
2. Barnabas Toth
3. Antonia Kovalszki

In the 4wd buggy class after the qualies again Zsolt Bajusz Junior was on pole with the top 3 separated by only 3 seconds. In the finals it was a 2 way battle until the last final where Zsolt Bajusz Junior could convert his TQ position into a Win, in front of Antonia Kovalszki in 2nd and Gabor Forrai in 3rd. The cars were very nice even on this small traction track. Thanks Martin Bayer for all the help.

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4WD buggy results:
1. Zsolt Bajusz Junior - XRAY XB4
2. Antonia Kovalszki
3. Gabor Forrai

Next race of the Hungarian championship next weekend!!!