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Race Report by Alain Sarafyan
New Year, New track record, X4 TQ and Win
This weekend, excitement and adrenaline were at a high level again. We left behind the 3rd race of the Race roof 1/10 Touring Stock EP series.
With the training starting from Saturday, the grip on the track increased constantly. The track was top more than ever. It was clear from this day that it would be a tight fight and full of surprises race.
With high traction, new track record of the track was broken one more time.
There was constant competition in each group during the practice and qualifying laps on race day.

After qualifying, I started the finals in 1st place. I made a mistake in the first race, I got stuck in the apex at the corner and tumbled and I couldn't pass the transponder line and get the lap, I was in the last place, then I was able to get up to the 3rd place even though I progressed with a tight tempo. Everything was left to the next 2 finals. Fortunately, I won both of these finals by going smoothly and with a good tempo.

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A main results:
1. Alain Sarafyan - XRAY X4
2. Yunus Sahin
3. Cengizhan Gazioglu - XRAY T4

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B main results:
1. Atahan Yildiz - XRAY
2. Umut Kilic - XRAY
3. Omur Ersoy - XRAY

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C Main results:
1. Yagizhan Ucuncu - XRAY
2. Abdullah Sevim - XRAY
3. Hazar Karabay - XRAY

My car XRAY X4 and my MKT Racing batteries were great again.
Congratulations to all the pilots who participated in the race, who contributed to the organization and maintenance of the track, who came from outside the city and did not leave us alone and finally got the right to the podium.
It's time to see you in Race 4, the last race of the season, on February 13