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Race report by Lukas Hoch
The race had around 60 entries, the most popular class was Pro Stock with 21 entries, which allowed the organizer to make 3 groups and so everyone was able to find his rival to compete with.

Stock was the tightest racing there with just a couple of tents between the TOP3. In the end Lukas was the happiest with TQ, followed by Karel and Martin.

Formula was again game on between 3-4 drivers. In the end by just couple tenths Filip took the TQ in front of Ladislav and Ales.

Modified was a battle between the TOP2 out there, in the end by 1s Martin could hold the TQ in front of his dad Karel, followed by David in 3rd.

Stock was a tone to tone win for Lukas followed by Karel with finishing second in each final and his son Martin coming in 3rd close behind.

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Stock results:
1. Lukas Hoch - XRAY X4
2. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
3. Martin Kratochvil - XRAY X4

Formula showed some great fights between Filip and Ladislav, in the end Filip was able to make it a win in front of Ladislav, but in the other places we had some serious racing and Martin starting 6th was able to come up into 3rd.

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Formula results:
1. Filip Rajdus - XRAY X1
2. Ladislav Holasek - XRAY X1
3. Martin Janicek - XRAY X1

Modified was a 2 men race between father and son, in the end Martin was not able to hold his 1st starting spot and finished 1 point behind his dad which gave Karel the win and Martin came in 2nd.

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Modified results:
1. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
2. Martin Kratochvil - XRAY X4
3. David Mestan - XRAY X4