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The 4th round of the Curitibano Championship of Stock Class was held on August 6, 2006. Like every round of stock class, the 4th round was held at the New Hobby Track.

The race format used in Curitibano Championship was the same as the Reedy Race, using 5 heats, and the winner being the one who had the most laps in all heats. Fabiano Franco from XRAY TEAM BRASIL again dominated all heats, bettering the track record and claiming TQ, too.

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Flávio Salinet had a bad weekend in his driving skills. The car was perfect but this time the driver wasn’t. With this bad result, Flávio dropped to 3rd place in the championship standings, with Fabiano Franco still in 1st place.

The TOP 8 at this event were:

1 Fabiano Franco XRAY T2
2 Otávio Langowski
3 Luiz Sergio Gonzaga XRAY T1R
4 Hamilton Júlio Jr.
5 Clarel Castilhos XRAY T2
6 Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY T2

7 Francisco Lima
8 Nicolas Salmini

The amazing thing was the XRAY T1R of Luiz Segio Gonzaga. He modified his T1R until he had an excellently-performing chassis.

Presently, the championship TOP 17 is now the following:


1 Fabiano Franco XRAY T2
2 Otávio Langowski
3 Flávio Loures Salinet XRAY T2
4 Lincoln Almeida
5 Clarel Castilhos XRAY T2
6 Luiz Sergio Gonzaga XRAY T1R

7 Hamilton Júlio Jr.
8 Francisco Lima
9 Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY T2
10 Paulo Roberto Padilha XRAY T2

11 Gabriel Brito
12 Hamilton Júlio Neto
13 Nicolas Salmini
14 Jorge Salmini XRAY T1FK'05
15 Gilnei Anselmo da Silva XRAY T1FK'05

16 André Brandt
17 Marcos Cesar Dimira XRAY T2