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Report by Victor Gabriel
First Bawucup 2022 at the Track of MRC SENDEN is done!

It was a challenging weekend with wet track conditions and searching for grip

Happy with my Results
P6 EBuggy
P3 Nitro Buggy.
Congratulations to Tim Hinderer for the double win…he was the fastest man of the weekend without a doubt.

Also to Martin Steck and Thomas Horn in Ebuggy and Alexander Obermeier in Nitro.
Thanks To the Yeti Team for pitting me as fast as usual - Mr.Matas
And Stefan Einsele also for the win in truggy

Also a very good performance of the Junior Henry - very well done

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(click to enlarge)

Nitro results:
1. Tim Hinderer
2. Alexander Obermeier
3. Victor Gabriel - XRAY XB8/FX