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Report by Kim Kristensen
The Danish off-road championship 2022 started this weekend.
First event was ad Heden RC on their carpet track in the west end of Denmark. Though out the week the weather had been great, sun and high temperatures. In the truck class Kim Kristensen and Dan Stampe set the pace high with their XRAY XT2, around lunch time the track began to dry up and the grip drop, but with some small adjustments in the setup Kim and Dan manage to kip the speed high. In the finale Kim started on Pol pos. just in front of Dan.

In all the finals they manage to break away and cut secure 1 and 2 overall. What a great start to the 2022 season.

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Truck results:
1. Kim Kristensen - XRAY XT2
2. Dan Stampe - XRAY XT2

3. Steen Moeskjaer Jensen
4. Per Eriksen
5. Peter Huus - XRAY XT2
6. Gert Koue
7. Soren Pedersen - XRAY XT2