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Report by Stefan Lutka
On Saturday, I attended a race in Skripov in Czech republic.
There were 80 racers registered for the day. The whole morning it was raining, so the race organizer was promising to sort out the track once it stops raining and he did. They decide to have only two final races counting in the better one.

In the first final run, I was doing really well. I managed to get to 1st place, when suddenly friend of mine jumped in the opposite direction and in the heat of battle he went full throttle and smashed into me. Bad luck. In the second final, I made few mistakes but I managed to get 4th place with ebuggy and winner in senior group.

In nitro buggy I was starting from a 10th place, just after I got to 4th place my engine stalled. I started to fight back and at the end after some nice racing I had managed to get 3rd place and 1st in senior group. Which was quite surprising as my girlfriend was the one filling the nitro up every 6 minutes and maybe like 3rd time ever. Overall, what looked like a wasted journey because of rain, it turned out to be fantastic day. I would like to thank to organizer for making it all happen, also to thank to Aldo Bidovsky for setting up my engine and my girlfriend for all the help.

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Nitro results:
1. Ales Bidovsky
2. Ondrej Kulhanek - XRAY XB8
3. Stefan Lutka - XRAY XB8