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Report by Alexandre Duchet
French Nats Round 3 in Grenoble!

TQ and Win a perfect weekend with a great track and weather, my car was perfect, fast, and consistent from the start of practice until the final, which allowed me to having the TQ overall ahead of Cyril,

In the final I won the A1 and A2 with still a car on the rails despite the strong heat Cyril finished 2nd and Pierre 3rd.

7x XRAY X4 in A - main Stock

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Stock results:
1. Alexandre Duchet - XRAY X4
2. Cyril N'diaye - XRAY X4
3. Pierre Delorme - XRAY X4

4. Arnaud Soulignac
5. Jeremy Delalindre
6. Maxime Ripoll - XRAY X4
7. Enzo Rousselin
8. Manuel Wagner - XRAY X4
9. Hugo Ragaut - XRAY X4
10. Jeremy Limoges - XRAY X4

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Modified results:
1. Cyril N'diaye - XRAY X4
2. Remi Callens
3. Briac Berthoud - XRAY X4

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Formula results:
1. Jean Michel Varinard - X1
2. Alexandre Perrin Taupin - X1
3. Jeremy Limoges - X1

Alexandre Duchet's winning setup sheet: HERE