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Report by Mario Spiniello
XRAY 1-2 at Capricorn Cup

The Capricorn CUP was held on the beautiful Roger Track facility in Marigliano.

The XRAY NT1.3 performed very well, taking TQ with Mario Spiniello and then a perfect 1-2 with Oscar Vigneri in first place and Mario in second.

The temperatures were very high, but the car worked perfectly. During the main, Mario suffered from 4 flameouts as, due to the high temperatures, his engine consumed more fuel than necessary. Despite this he managed to recover up to the second final place.

Excellent performance of the other XRAY driver Oscar Vigneri who, with a careful and error-free race, managed to bring his number 3 NT1 to victory.

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Final results:
1. Oscar Vigneri - XRAY
2. Mario Spiniello - XRAY

3. Gianluigi Di Costanzo

See you in Gubbio for the Italian AMSCI championship.