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Race report by Jon Withington.
The weekend of the 25th/26th June 2022 was a special occasion for us all as we embarked on our journey to the ever-impressive track at the Kemble airfield, Cotswolds Model Car Club, near Cirencester who are always fantastic hosts for this section. This was also a celebration meeting for the British Radio Car Associations 50th Birthday, thanks to all involved at this facility and of course the BRCA committee.

The weather forecast was inconsistent at best, we knew we were due some rain over the weekend, but it was just when it would come that was uncertain and how much rain would arrive.

Saturday proved to be mainly dry and Team XRAY drivers in the 1/10th IC Section running 200 & 220mm formats made best use of the track time to work on car set up and practice. The support GT8 classes also made excellent progress in these conditions to improve their cars ready for Sunday.

With Sunday looking even more likely to be wet, the section embarked on arranging some timed practice in heat order on the Saturday afternoon. This got drivers used to their heat and the timings required for the race on Sunday. Grip on the track was improving and lap times were coming down in all classes towards the evening.
Topping the time sheets in the 200mm 1/10th class early on was series regular and long term XRAY driver Jon Withington with his XRAY NT1.3, In the 1/10th 220mm class it was the XRAY’s of Bailey Rice Draycott and Richard Boult showing fast pace with Daniel Chivers not far off with his Nt1. This was no surprise, all running well.
In the GT8 Nitro class series regular Matt Baker was showing incredible speed and consistency with his XRAY derived chassis, Adam Southgate was improving lap by lap and looking quick by the end of the afternoon session with the GTX8 chassis.

Sunday came and it was a case of would it still stay as dry as the Saturday, the answer was it wouldn’t and this meant there was limited opportunities to fine tune set ups, this was done between showers. We embarked on four rounds of qualification.
In the end the 1/10th 220mm GT class top heat, included Richard Boult who qualified in second place, Bailey Rice-Draycot in third and Daniel Chivers in fourth.

Also running well was our section chairman Robert (Bob) Harley and new to Nationals Jack Caffery and Freddie Parker both driving converted 220mm GT specification XRAY Nt1’s.

Jon Withington had dropped to 4th place in qualifying having been unable to improve his time due to changeable conditions in the 1/10th 200mm touring class. However, he was confident that he could still turn that into a result in the main A final. Mark Owen, Ian Coates and Frank Noel would also make the A Final for a 30-minute race making an impressive amount of XRAY chassis in this main event.

Finals would be dry, Up first was the 1/10th class 220mm GT B final, Freddie Parker drove fantastically, and he would take second on the podium with an excellent drive, Jack Caffery was fourth, well done Jack. Look out for these two in future events.

Then it was time for the 1/10th class 220mm GT A final, Bailey Rice Draycott came through with another quality drive to take the overall win, we really need to watch this racers progress carefully. Richard Boult wasn’t far behind and pushed hard taking up the second place on the podium. Daniel Chivers took third making this an XRAY 1.2.3. Bob Harley also came home in 7th in this 30-minute final. WELL DONE BOB.

In the 1/10th 200mm touring class Jon Withington made a respectable start and was soon making up place’s thanks the help of his trusty pit man Nick Spratley with some excellent fuel stops as usual. He would finish second overall. In sixth it was XRAY driver Mark Owen, in eight place Ian Coates with his XRAY NT1 and making up a place was Frank Noel in Ninth in his debut A final. A great result for Team XRAY in this class.

It was time for the GT8 Support class, again a long final of 30-minute duration with many pits stops, Adam Southgate came home first with his XRAY GTX8 chassis, followed by Matt Baker in second with his XRAY derived GT chassis. Louis Parker would finish a respectable third in this class with his XRAY chassis to, he smiled throughout this experience, and I think we will see him again in this class.

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1/10th 220GT A Final Results:
1. Bailey Rice Draycot - XRAY NT1
2. Richard Boult - XRAY NT1
3. Daniel Chivers - XRAY NT1

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GT8 A Final Results:
1. Adam Southgate - XRAY GTX8
2. Matt Baker - X/GTC8
3. Louis Parker - XRAY GTX8

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1/10th 200mm A Final Results:
1. Stefan Chodzynski
2. Jon Withington - XRAY NT1
3. Devendra Mahatme

Overall, this was a superb weekend racing in changeable weather conditions, and a great way to enjoy the BRCA 50th anniversary with some fantastic results for Team XRAY UK. Prices and trophies were presented by our committee, and we all braved the traffic home. Thanks for the cup cakes to, they were delicious.