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Report by Jiri Vysin
Round 5 Czech Masters Series

Last round of the Czech Masters Series in the books. Little bit difficult conditions this time as we started with part of the track wet and ended up with rain during last round of finals. Therefore there were more challenges for drives what brought lot of entertainment and close racing for everyone. Michal Blahovsky takes the win of the race what secured his first place of the championship. Jiri Jarolimek performing some great battles throughout the whole series with Michal finished 3rd at the race and 2nd at the championship missing 4 points to Michal.

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Modified results:
1. Michal Blahovsky - XRAY X4
2. Jiri Jarolimek - XRAY X4
3. Jiri Vysin - XRAY X4

4. Karel Dolezal
5. Jakub Dolezal
6. Simon Cermak - XRAY X4

Report by Simon Horak
After a long time, I went to the races again. During practice I found the perfect setup for my XRAY X4. The car worked fantastic. I was able to win all qualifying and final runs in the Stock category as well. With XRAY NT1 I had problems with engine. Luckily I managed to set it up in the qualifications and even win them. The final run lasted 20 minutes. After a few laps, Marcel overtook me and I ended up holding the second position.

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Stock results:
1. Simon Horak - XRAY X4
2. Karel Krejcik
3. Jakub Prasil - XRAY X4

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Nitro 1/10 results:
1. Marcel Dostal - XRAY NT1
2. Simon Horak - XRAY NT1
3. Jan Kanina - XRAY NT1