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Report by Alexander Hagberg
The fourth and final round of the Portuguese TC nationals was held at the beautiful facilities of Seccao Radiomodelismo da AAC in Coimbra. The race was run in the categories TC modified, and EFRA 13.5T stock.

In the modified TC class, I took the overall TQ position after winning 3 out of 4 qualifiers. I managed to convert my TQ into a win after winning all 3 A-main finals. Jose Pereira finished in a strong runner up spot, showing great pace all weekend. Jose was crowned Portuguese national TC champion for the 2nd consecutive time after winning the other 3 rounds of the championship!

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Modified TC results:
1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY X4'23
2. Jose Pereira - XRAY X4'22

3. Tiago Monteiro
4. Silva Samuel
5. Luis Lima
6. Frederic Santos - XRAY X4'22
7. Paulo Matos
8. Pedro Vilas Boas - XRAY X4'22

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Thanks to Cesar Coelho for the on-site track support, and thank you to all XRAY drivers for your trust in our brand!

Alexander Hagberg's set-up sheet: