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Race report by David Ehrbar
I finally did it and won my first 13,5t expert stock race at the first race of the Longwy Winter Series. The X4'23 was amazing and my driving, especially in the finals was on point. It seems I can drive so precise with the new car. Still it was a quite exhausting fight with Olivier Bultynck who put a lot of pressure on me. Especially in the first Final I had to give everything for most of the race. It remembers me of some amazing fighting in the past, and it feels so good to be back in the top positions in Touring car.

It was also a great race for Team Xray, with 7 X4 in the final, P1 for me and P3 for Manu Wagner.

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13.5t Expert Stock class results:
1. David Ehrbar - XRAY X4'23
2. Olivier Bultynck
3. Manu Wagner - XRAY X4'23

Also The 17,5t class was dominated by XRAY drivers, with a full podium lockout by Christophe Choque, Carlos Gabriel do Pinhal and Sofiane Chaoui.

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17.5t Stock class results:
1.Christophe Choque - XRAY X4'23
2. Carlos Gabriel do Pinhal - XRAY X4'23
3. Sofiane Chaoui - XRAY X4'23

In FWD it was Jacques Libar winning with the X4F, and Florent Jadot 3rd.

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FWD class results:
1. Jacques Libar - XRAY X4F
2. Carlos Gabriel do Pinhal - XRAY X4F
3. Florent Jadot - XRAY X4F