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Report by David Perez
We arrived at Las Palmas for the regional championship on Saturday morning, having to deal with limited track time because of this, whereas the other competitors had Friday to do all of the free practice they wanted. This got us a bit on the back foot.
Anyway we got a pretty decent base setup provided by Luis Moreno made weeks prior with the help of factory driver Alexander Hagberg.

We reseeded P5 after some mistakes by my side, but still in the top group, having plenty of chances to get better as day went on. Working together with Luis Moreno we put together a really nice and easy car that would have the opportunity to fight for the pole position, getting closer and closer each time we went racing. At the end of the day I got P3 while Luis got P4 for the main final.

Sunday was a little bit different story, I feel like we got the car where it should have been at the first final, unfortunately we got into a tangle with second place Erik Fernandez that relegated us to the back of the grid where I had to battle it up with Juan Manuel Perdomo's XRAY getting a P4 at the end, behind Toni Mateo, Erik and Luis Moreno. Second final was more of a normal main, no issues apart from some little mistakes by my side, getting a P3 on this one. Victory was sealed for Mateo, and all we have for grabs was a decent P2, starting the last final just behind Fernandez, we kept the pressure high for 4 laps till I got on the inside of him, and passing him to cruise to victory in this last final, giving me the final P2 on the race.

Overall it was a great weekend bearing in mind the little to no time I have to get used to carpet after 5 years of not being there. The X4 '23 made all things easier to control and to focus on my driving, overall a great race, with a great result and great fun.

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Final results:
1. Toni Mateo
2. David Perez Perez - XRAY X4
3. Erik Fernandez
4. Luis Moreno - XRAY X4
5. Juan Manuel Perdomo Sanabria - XRAY X4

6. Alexis Ojeda Quintana
7. Antimo Valiente Eugenio - XRAY X4
8. Ruben Quintana La Capria - XRAY X4

David X4's setup sheet: HERE