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Report by Joni Skidmore
My first time attending the Worksop winter series this year, and my XRAY XB2&XB4 felt perfect all day long!

To come away with the double win speaks volumes on how good I'm getting along with my XRAY cars and I'm super pleased with the pace I showed against some tough competition

In 2wd I cruised from lights to flag after taking the TQ honors!

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2WD results:
1. Joni Skidmore - XRAY XB2
2. Jamie Hall
3. Matt Thompson

In 4wd I had a 'rougher' qualifying only allowing 4th on the grid, but with a consistent run along with the fastest lap I was able to get past cragg on the penultimate lap to grab the W.

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4WD results:
1. Joni Skidmore - XRAY XB4
2. Neil Cragg
3. Will Skidmore - XRAY XB4

Congratulations to the other podium finishers, especially my bro for 3rd in 4wd!

Thanks to the whole Worksop crew for an awesome day/layout for us to race on, my mum and dad for the help and support going racing, and of course my sponsors who provide me with the best