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Report by HJ Quek
XRAY Victorious at 2023 Urban Touring Series Round 1
Urban RC welcomed racers to the opening race of the 2023 season of the Urban Touring Series (UTS), which was held this past weekend. After the rainy weather in recent weeks, we were pleased to welcome a sunny and windy day to our rooftop circuit in downtown Singapore

Qualifying was a super close affair with Team Xray Singapore driver, Zaccheus Lam in a close battle with Sean Lee. Zaccheus took Round 1 TQ honours with a blistering 29-lap run, but Sean answered with TQ runs of his own in Rounds 2 and 3. The overall TQ would therefore be determined in Round 4 since 2 of the 4 rounds of qualifying counted. All eyes were on Zaccheus to see if he could snatch overall TQ. With a confident and error free run, Zaccheus answered with another TQ run, this time in a super-fast time to secure overall TQ. Sean had to settle for 2nd, while another Xray Singapore team driver, Esmail Apandi, was 3rd. Xray made up 5 of the 8 A-Main finalists.

A-Main Leg 1 was another close run affair with Zaccheus managing to take victory by 1.5secs over Sean. Danny Lim (Xray) finished 3rd. In Leg 2, Zaccheus took a commanding early lead as Sean and Esmail battled for 2nd. At the 1min mark, Esmail pull off a great overtake coming on to the straight and thereafter set off after Zaccheus. Zaccheus would however hold off Esmail to win by a 0.2sec margin and with that secure an early overall win, with Sean in 3rd. In Leg 3, with Zaccheus sitting out, Sean managed to hold off Esmail for the win, with EC Wee taking 3rd.

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A-Main results:
1. Zaccheus Lam (TQ) - XRAY X4
2. Sean Lee
3. Esmail Apandi - XRAY X4
4. Wee EC
5. Danny Lim - XRAY X4
6. Anthon Kiong
7. Hasron Robana - XRAY X4
8. Chriz Chen - XRAY X4

B-Main results:
1. Eric Choo - XRAY X4
2. Kelvin Goh - XRAY X4
3. Allan Tan- XRAY X4

C-Main results:
1. Joe Lam - XRAY X4
2. Tony Mansfield - XRAY X4
3. Brandon Koh - XRAY X4

D-Main results:
1. Shane Wajib - XRAY X4
2. Kai
3. Jake Lee - XRAY X4