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Report by Harley Eldridge
Couple of weeks ago was the final round of Essex Carpet Clash. Going into this event was quiet confident as previous testing and meetings at junction 16 was really great!
Into practice car felt great, think fastest car out there but not too sure as no times.
Round 1 just had no pace to challenge for the lead kept a consistent run and managed 3rd. Round 2, some small changes which work a bit better for myself getting a 2nd in round. Round 3, small silly mistakes and slower lap time meant a 7th in round. Round 4, got quickest lap and car felt amazing! Think I got 2nd in round. It was nice to have RC Disco driver Matthew Peters in the A main too.

Onto the 3 leg finals, final 1 Ellis made a mistake which I got into 2nd and catching Kyle, he also made a mistake in which I took the lead and finished there. Final 2, again Ellis made another mistake early in which I took full advantage, I don’t know what happened to Kyle but I took the lead and finished there too! Final 3, a great battle for 2nd which Ellis at the 4 minute mark he made a mistake however too far to get Kyle. Matthew had some bad luck in the finals and finished 10th overall.

What a great day taking the overall win and also the overall 2WD championship! My XRAY XB2'23 was awesome

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Final results:
1. Harley Eldridge - XRAY XB2
2. Kyle Moon
3. Ellis Stafford

Thank you to my sponsors