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Report by Pelle Culmsee
First round of Danish nationals is done and what a weekend it was!

First of I want to say that Nuno did pulled this of amazing, with a lot of entries and a perfect prepped track! Great job buddy

First up was Ebuggy. I knew this weekend would be harder than normal, because of Marcus Kaerup doing the race.

I had a great pace in practice. But then the qualifying started, the track changed a bit.

I would TQ the two first rounds, but Marcus took to next ones and therefore I had to start P2 in the finals, as he had a slightly quicker time.

In A1 I didn’t change anything to my car, but just tried to follow Marcus. But after a couple of corners he crashed and I got by. I then held the lead and won the final. Marcus was hard charging back, so I knew I had to do something for A2 to be competitive.

Daniel Bubel told me to change my shock package before A2, so I did that help a lot!
Before the straight Marcus got wide and I took a clean pass. Never looking back I manage to hold the same gap to him and take the overall win!
Good job to Nikolai taking P3.

I was very confident for the nitro portion now.

Here everything went perfect! I had good pace in practice, just trying different stuff to adapt to the track.
I did the same in qualifying, but I still manage to take the TQ in all four rounds of qualifying

For the semi I just tried to stay clean and make no mistakes. It went well and I would Line on Pole for the final, with a 10 sec gap to Marcus with 10 seconds gap on 20 min.

Final everything again went good and smooth. Marcus had a flame before the start and therefor had to start from the Pit lane. But he didn’t wait for all the cars to pas and went out just behind me. Anyway I manage to make a gap to him, before he had a stop n go. I manage then to make a good gap to the rest of the field. In the end I manage to win with a 2 lap gap to Marcel in second place.

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Nitro buggy results:
1. Pelle Culmsee - XRAY XB8/FX
2. Marcel Kruger
3. Nikolai Lamberts

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Ebuggy results:
1. Pelle Culmsee - XRAY XB8E
2. Marcus Kaerup
3. Nikolai Lamberts