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Alright, race is going to start!
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It was a dry and beautiful sunny race day. Today, with a total 39 buggy drivers and 7-truggy drivers, we had a total of 3 rounds of 7 mins heat.

Glenn, Wenyi and together with some of the A-drivers did a very good run making an 8th-laps in 7mins. However, just before the last qualifying heat Sam, Joe and Ah M managed to come in with a 9 laps.

Most of the drivers managed to qualify into their final. Finals were started with the Truggy then moved on from the lower D-Final to the 45mins of A-Final.

The A final was a fierce fight right from the start. Ah-M and Glenn had a good start with Sam and some following up closely from behind. Soon after, it was battle between Sam and Ah M that exchanged the lead and followed by Glenn and with Wenyi finally caught up.

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A main winner 1st Sam Cheng (middle), 2nd Glenn Phuah (L),3rd Ah M
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Towards the end of the finale, somehow luck was with Sam that allowed him to pull away a little ahead that put him ONE lap ahead and took away the A Main 1st trophy!

1. Sam Cheng XRAY XB8
2. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB8

3. Ah M
4. Wenyi
5. Jeo Hwee
6. Razif XRAY XB8
7. Kent
8. Timothy
9. Pason Phua
10. Pegan Teo

Finally, I would like to thank the Organizer and all the drivers for making this race possible, until then happy racing ahead!