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Round 1 of the annual Norwegian National Cup was held on October 14–15 at the Beitostolen Hotel, and featured Touring Modified and 19T Super Stock (foam) classes. For the first time I would be attending two classes in the same day, which would be very stressful for me.

Touring Modified click to enlarge
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This is the first indoor race this year, and the T2’007 will be used for the first time. I received the car on Thursday, and built it similar to the setup I used on my T2 last year. The first battery I tested, the car felt a bit nervous and “itchy” in mid-corner, so I put on the 2° caster blocks and went from 3 to 2 holes in the shock pistons. This made the big difference. The car had extreme steering but was still easy to handle.

I qualified first and won the two first finals.

1. Helge Johannessen – XRAY T2’007
2. Fredrik Havardsrud
3. Christer Antonsen – XRAY T2

19T Super Stock click to enlarge
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In the 19T Super Stock class, I drove the same T2 as last year, with the same setup. The car worked very well immediately, so I made no adjustments except for changing the body.

I qualified first, Sigmund Overeng 2nd and Georg Ellingsen third. All had T2’s.

In the first A-final, my motor broke when I was having a hard battle for the lead, so Sigmund won ahead of Anders Theodordsen and Georg in 3rd. All XRAYs.

In the second A-final I had to put in a different 19T motor, but had no idea how to gear it. This resulted in a big battle with Anders, and I worked really hard to keep him behind me. I finished first ahead of Anders by a very small amount.

In the third final, I went from 21T to 23T on the pinion, and this made a big difference. The cars behind me crashed in the first corner, so I cruised to secure the win.

1. Helge Johannessen – XRAY T2
2. Sigmund Overeng – XRAY T2
3. Anders Theodordsen – XRAY T2
4. Georg Ellingsen – XRAY T2
5. Espen Grimsgaard – XRAY T2

6. Goran Langsholdt
7. Erik Bentsen – XRAY T2
8. Adrian Berntsen – XRAY T2

9. Markus Paskarbeit
10. Robin S. Nordlie

So this was the end of a perfect weekend. Coming up next is the Nordic Championship in two weeks.

Helge Johannessen
XRAY Team Driver

Helge Johannessen Set-up sheet (Modified).

Helge Johannessen Set-up sheet (19T Super Stock).