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Report by Kyle Branson
Last weekend the XRAY UK team were in attendance at the first round of the BRCA touring car nationals. The drivers were greeted by a dry race day, which was nice to see after the past bad weather.

In modified, Kyle Branson was able to take the overall TQ for the triple leg A mains.
In the finals, Kyle was able to take all 3 leg wins giving him the overall win. Harley Eldridge would round off the podium with her X4 finishing 3rd overall.

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Modified results:
1. Kyle Branson - XRAY X4'23
2. Zak Smith
3. Harley Eldridge - XRAY X4'23
4. Peter Eagles - XRAY X4'23
5. Ben Cosgrove - XRAY X4'23

6. Chris Grainger
7. Matthew White
8. Liam Brooks
9. Dan Robins
10. Alex Thurston

In the 13.5 class Zak Finlay just narrowly missed out on taking his XRAY X4’23 to the TQ position lining up 2nd.
In the triple leg finals Zak did all he could to take the overall win but again narrowly missed out after some close racing and had to settle for 2nd overall.

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13.5 Stock results:
1. James Hart
2. Zak Finlay - XRAY X4'23
3. Billy Fletcher
4. Chris Gunter - XRAY X4'23
5. Ben Moorey
6. Sam Law
7. Alex Bold
8. Sam Nicholls - XRAY X4'23
9. Mark Wallace
10. Chris Ashton