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Report by David Perez
Tonisport Cup was the first race of the year where Spanish top drivers raced altogether, held in Alcobendas's track. Since Friday we knew it was gonna be a tough race, we were 7 drivers within 2 seconds in 5 minutes.

The qualifications started on Saturday, with only one driver taking more than 1 TQ, which awarded him pole. On our side, we feel like we were lacking a bit of luck, as no matter how fast we were or how much we tried, there was always someone faster than us, which relegated us to P4 for Luis Moreno and P5 for me at the end of the day. We were determined to turn the situation around, working hard on the car's setup, I started Sunday with a promising performance, P2 and P3 respectively in the last 2 qualys. Which awarded me P4 for the A final, and P6 for Luis.

Since the start of the first final, I felt like we recovered what we were lacking the whole weekend, being able to fight for the victory in the three finals, getting three second positions which awarded me the same position in the overall standings. Tougher luck went to Luis' side as he got in trouble on almost every final, impeding him to show the performance we were able to get on Sunday.

Overall, it was a good racing weekend, where 7 drivers were constantly in the 2 seconds range, changing places every time. We could overcome the difficulties and get back home with a podium in this difficult context.

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Stock results:
1. Alex Aroca
2. David Perez - XRAY X4
3. Carlos Fernandez
4. Alvaro Fernandez
5. Toni Rheinard
6. Antimo Valiente - XRAY X4
7. Toni Mateo
8. Raul Daras - XRAY X4
9. Luis Moreno -XRAY X4
10. Francisco Javier Hidalgo - XRAY X4