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Report by Robert Skar
Qualification was not fair to all the drivers as the rain and sun was on and off the whole day. As the track dries very very quick in the sun, this means that some heats drove on dry surface and some on wet surface within the same qualifying round. The top drivers on the ranking (the last heat) was unlucky with two of the rounds on wet weather. Martin was in a lucky heat and won Q1 and Q4. In Q2 he was 4th and in Q3 he was nr.2. Still, Martin had probably won the qualifying even if the conditions was even. The last qualifyinground was fair with dry conditions for all. This round Martin won with good margin.
Martin Skar - Top qualifyer for the first time in the Nationals!

The A main finals
A1: Martin takes the lead and soon gets 5-6 seconds lead. Then he does two major mistakes and gets in tough fight with 2-3 of the chasing cars. He is extremely aggressive and continues to do mistakes, ending 8th.
A2: After a little conversation in pit Martin has confidence that his normal driving is good enough. He takes the start and just drives away from the pack. With laptimes 0,5 seconds faster than the chasing cars he increases the lead all the way to the finishline.
A3: The confidence is increasing and he does a almost perfect final, ending over 10 seconds before the second place.

TQ and first victory in the Norwegian national. Martin now also holds the lead in the Nationals overall after 2 of 5 races.
The car was extremely fast and consistant.

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4WD results:
1. Martin Skar - XRAY XB4
2. Petter Berntsen
3. Victor Asak