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Race report by Alex Hagberg click to enlarge
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The Nordic Championships indoor was held in Sarpsborg, Norway. The same venue which arranges the Nordic Winter Race every year. The track is put out in a large sporthall. The carpet is known for its extreme traction, it is very tricky and also a bit bumpy. Car setup can be very difficult on this type of surface but since we had earlier experience with this it was not a problem. Some of the best drivers from Sweden and Norway attended the race.

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The practice was run on friday with 2 rounds and some other 2 on saturday morning. My car felt very stable, I just made a few adjustments with different damping and shock positions but the car was already fast enough, setting the pace. Also the Norwegian Xray driver Helge Johannessen was really fast with his T2'007 car as well as Tamiya driver Eirik Andreassen. The qualification soon started and the traction increased a bit all rounds. I was able to win 5 out of 6 rounds of qualifying and this gave me TQ in front of Helge and Eirik. Niclas Nilsson from Sweden qualified 4th with his newly built T2'007 chassis, driving very fast during the last couple of rounds.

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I won the first final quite easy as the other drivers got tangled up a bit during the first minute. My car was perfect and I didn't change anything from qualifying except for new tires. The second final I traction rolled on the first lap, so Helge took the lead and held it for the rest of the race. As I was catching up, I made a mistake and couldn't make up for it. Helge's car was really fast too and he used a super stable setup.

The third and deciding final was coming up. It was really tense as the drivers got together for the third main. The start went smoothly, and it was really close, during the second lap, I hit a dot and soon Helge took the lead in front of Niclas. The two got together so I could pass. I had the lead and started to pull away for the Nordic Championship win.

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The key to success in these kind of conditions is mainly to use glue on the sidewall of the front tires. This will reduce flex of the tire and take away the sidebite on corner entry, making the car less likely to traction roll. One may want to use thicker swaybars or harder damping but I didn't like this and used my normal setup. I used spool however as this made the car easy to push as it already had so much steering.

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The result was of course very good for the Xray team and we are now looking forward to the coming races, but mainly the Friendship Race in Eskilstuna, Sweden where many top drivers will attend.


1. Alexander Hagberg Xray T2'007
2. Eirik Andreassen
3. Helge Johannessen Xray T2'007
4. Mikael Nilsson
5. Kristian Fredrickson
6. Petter S?lvberg
7. Niclas Nilsson Xray T2'007
8. Oscar Callgard Xray T2

9. Tommy Bergfeldt
10. Georg Ellingsen Xray T2

Alexander Hagberg Set-up sheet.