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XRAY is very pleased to announce that the world's top touring car driver and European Champion Teemu Leino will be joining Team XRAY. Teemu will support the factory team at all racing events and will participate in the testing and further development with the car.

Teemu has a long racing history full of great achievements; here is a short list of his wins:
* World Championship - 3rd Place

* Multiple World Championships - A-finalist

* European Champion 2005

* Multiple European Championships - A-finalist

* LRP Masters - Winner

* Team Orion Speed Weekend - Winner

* Nordic Champion - 5-time

* Finnish Champion

Teemu says the following about joining Team XRAY:

"After careful consideration and analysis of what would be best for my future and racing career, after 12 years of being with my previous sponsor I have decided to move on and look for new challenges and opportunities. As my ambitions both with racing and developing are very high, I have looked for the best option which for me was naturally with Team XRAY. I'm sure XRAY will provide the highest competitive touring car for me. It was a difficult decision for me to leave my former team after a great 12-year history, but I am convinced that joining Team XRAY and working closely with the factory will boost my performance and I will try to bring back the same."

XRAY welcomes Teemu to the team and wishes him all the best for the upcoming season, a lot of luck on the track, and a lot of racing spirit.