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The Curitibano Championship of Modified Class ended this weekend (November 12) with XRAY 1st and 2nd. Fabiano Franco grabbed the title with 1 race remaining. In round 7, 2nd place was in game. Flávio Salinet (XRAY TEAM BRASIL) and Otávio Langowski were battling for the vice-championship with Otávio only 1 point ahead of Flávio.

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Fabiano in action
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Sunday morning, with a cold wind, saw the start of the first heat with Flávio in 4th place at the end of the race. Flávio got 1st place with Fabiano Franco in 2nd: both XRAY TEAM DRIVERS. Heat after heat, Fabiano and Flávio were battling until heat 5.

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Heat 5 — the final heat of the day — Fabiano Franco with 95 laps, Flávio Salinet 94 laps, Hamilton Júlio Jr. 92 laps. The heat started with Fabiano in 1st, Otávio in 2nd and Flávio 3rd. The grid used was the Lemans format. With some minutes of racing, Flavio took 1st place with 1 lap ahead Fabiano so…… the results were: Fabiano and Flávio 118 laps and Hamilton Jr. 115 laps. With the same number of laps, they go to the times……. Fabiano took 1st place by time, only 5 seconds ahead of Flávio.

The TOP 8 were:

1st Fabiano Franco - XRAY T2
2nd Flávio Salinet – XRAY T2

3rd Hamilton Júlio Jr.
4th Jonas Ferstemberg – XRAY T2
5th Lincoln Almeida
6th Nicolas Salmini
7th Marcos Cesar Dimira – XRAY T2
8th Hamilton Julio Neto

Flavio & Fabiano
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The final results of modified Class are:

Champion Fabiano Franco XRAY T2
Vice-champion Flávio Loures Salinet XRAY T2

3? Otávio Langowski
4? Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY T2
5? Hamilton Júlio Jr.
6? Hamilton Júlio Neto
7? Clarel Castilhos XRAY T2
8? Horácio Teixeira Ferreira XRAY T2

9? Lincoln Almeida
10? Gilnei Anselmo da Silva XRAY T1FK'05
11° Marcos Cesar Dimira XRAY T2

12? Nicolas Salmini
13? Jorge Salmini

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all T2 cars
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XRAY TEAM BRASIL brings to XRAY the titles in stock class (with Fabiano Franco) and the championship and the vice-championship in Modified Class (with Fabiano Franco and Flávio Salinet).

Now all drivers will prepare themselves for the Brazilians Nationals of Modified Class which will be held on the same track at round 7… the S.T.A.R. track. Every large RC team of Brazil is practicing and looking for the very best setup, and we think we found one, too! Everyone is invited to participate in or spectate at the Nationals.

See you all in December, 1st to 3rd.
Flavio Loures Salinet

Flávio Loures Salinet Set-up sheet.

Fabiano Franco Salinet Set-up sheet.