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Race report by Michael Ravn click to enlarge
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I attended Round 2 of the Danish Nationals modified and 19T classes on the weekend of October 4th/5th. Saturday was spent practicing to find a great setup for both cars. During practice the cars just kept getting better and better, although my modified car was a bit slower than the other guys.

Modified Class click to enlarge
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By the end of practice, the car was great. There were only 9 drivers in modified class, so I had to fight for a top 5 place for the finales. In the first round of qualifying, my car was working very well and was really fast, I didn’t make big mistakes, and so after round 1 I was in 4th spot for the finales. In the second round I couldn’t stay focused and so I made some big mistakes. This round was not good for me, but I still had round 3 to make it up again. After three rounds of qualifying, I was in 8th spot in the A main. In modified there was drama from the first corner… a big crash that I was lucky to drive by, putting me into 3rd place but not for long. Someone could not handle that I was in front him, so I finished in 8th spot.

Overall results from the A main:
1. Jonas Kaerup
2. Martin Lissau XRAY T2´007
3. Steen Graversen
4. Lars Alex Jensen
5. Johan Eskildsen
6. Thomas Mikkelsen
7. S?ren Eskildsen
8. Michael Ravn XRAY T2´007

19-turn Class click to enlarge
Carsten Madsen
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In this class I drove with the XRAY T2 Raycer, and this time it was on my home track so the pressure was even more intense this time. During the qualifying rounds my car was great to drive but I couldn’t keep up with the rest of the pack. I could only manage 24 laps whereas the fast drivers could get 25 laps. From 1st place to 8th spot there was only 1 second between the cars… very close. For the finals I took the 6 spot in the A main and that was also the final result for me.

19-turn class overall:
1. Kristoffer Rathcke
2. Carsten Madsen XRAY T2
3. Troels Troelsen
4. Casper Morgen
5. Johnny Nygaard XRAY T2
6. Michael Ravn XRAY T2R

7. Danny Lundgren
8. Nicolai Nielsen

Michael Ravn
Team XRAY Denmark