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Race report by Ben Cosgrove click to enlarge
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Last round I debuted the T2 007 EU and raced two classes which was very hard work. This round I decided to concentrate on brushless/modified as I was debuting the New Nosram Matrix Evolution 2007 speed control and New Nosram Storm Evolution brushless 4.5 motor.

I had much more time to concentrate on my car this meeting and to my delight I had to do zero work on my brushless system leaving me with plenty of time to work on my car set-up and more social fun time!

The track layout was fast but with many hairpins, corner speed would be critical and the hairpin of the main straight would prove to catch many people out.

Practice went very well with the car having lots of grip in the low grip conditions. I decided to start with my setup from the last meeting as this was a very stable setting. Again I had a little understeer but ok corner speed. The motor was very very fast and after a 6 minute practice I had over 2300mah left in the new Nosram Big Mama 4200 cells!

Qualifying was calm and collected for me. I managed to take pole every round and simply concentrated on tuning the chassis to suit my driving style. I ended up changing the Ackerman to give me a more aggressive steering feel in the corner and the bodyshell to feel smoother through the turns and carry more speed. I was very happy with the car and ended up nearly a full lap clear after the last round.

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Unfortunately I do not have any luck at the BIWS anymore and after 12 laps I made a very costly error even though I was over half a lap in the lead and had a technical issue which forced retirement. This was a real shame because the whole package was performing fantastically.

Finals Results:
1. Elliott Harper
2. Sam Smith XRAY T2
3. Greg Hill
4. Chris Clark
5. Ben Rowbotham
6. Phil Chambers
7. Guy Thornton XRAY T2
8. Ben Cosgrove XRAY T2'007

9. Rory Hobkirk
10.Luke Thorley

Thanks to XRAY and Nosram for providing me such an awesome package to work with, next race GP Carpet World Cup in Geneva 30/11/06 – 3/12/06.

Ben Cosgrove