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Race report by Jake Zarb
Australian National Titles was set to be run at the Brendale track in Queensland, just after they held the 200mm nitro worlds.

Practice click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
The track was very slippery to start with. But with constant traffic the track came up to a moderate grip level, which gave Darrin Campbell and I a chance to start setting up Our Xray T2 007’s. At the end of practice we were very happy with how we had the car going it certainly felt very competitive.

Saturday/Qualifying click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
Qualifying was very fast with many drivers having the car speed to make the A’s. It was a very hot day with temperatures getting into the 30s. With 30 out of the 32 modified field running brushless a lot of drivers were very concerned with shutting down. Besides all this there wasn’t to many dramas with people thermaling there equipment. The Xray cars were very competitive, at the end of the day I was qualified 2nd and Darrin Campbell 4th.

Sunday/Finals click to enlarge
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With all the Qualifying run, I ended up qualifying in 2nd position for the A Final.
The Finals were very close with some good clean driving. The first final the leader and I broke away from the field, with Darrin Campbell getting into 3rd position early in the race and doing a good job at holding that position until the end of the race.
The next 2 finals I finished 2nd in both giving me an overall 2nd at the event and Darrin getting an overall 4th.

Finish Positions in modified

1st Peter Jovanovic
2nd Jake Zarb, Xray T2 007
3rd Simon Nicholson
4th Darrin Campbell, Xray T2 007
5th Andrew Abbott
6th Anthony Attack
7th Scott Guyatt
8th Steven Jovanovic
9th Andy Cooke
10th Joshua Pain

Jake Zarb
Australia XRAY Team

Jake Zarb Set-up sheet.