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Race report by Dusan Mihelic
The race counting for Slovenian championship and the last race of XRS-MVP championship was held at the technical track in Cervignano - Italy. The event itself attracted drivers from multiple countries. Three different classes were offered – 1:8 IC, 1:10 TC and 1:8 GT electro. The racing format was adapted according to the MVP championship and thus included 4 qualifications with three best consecutive laps counting. The finals were then adapted according to EFRA rules, meanwhile in 1:8 IC, point system with two final runs of 15 minutes were adapted.

1:8 IC class:
In qualifications it was Nejc Mihelic (XRAY RX8'23) who took the TQ and set the fastest lap of the weekend. He was followed by Goran Vignjevic (ARC) and another XRAY driver Simon Stelcl (XRAY RX8'23). Both XRAY drivers successfully translated the amazing pace to the finals, as the new XRAY platform RX8'23 performed flawlessly and placed both drivers Nejc Mihelic (XRAY RX8'23) and Simon Stelcl (XRAY RX8'23) on most desired places. Therefore Nejc Mihelic (XRAY RX8'23) was crowned as race winner and Slovenian champion, his teammate Simon Stelcl (XRAY RX8'23) as vice champion and Goran Vignjevic (ARC) completed the podium.

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1/8 final results:
1. Nejc Mihelic - XRAY RX8'23
2. Simon Stelcl - XRAY RX8'23

3. Goran Vignjevic