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Report by Michael Stone
2023 Blue RC cup held at NSWRCRCC over the weekend. The last major event before the 2023 IFMAR GT world championships. Xray supported in good numbers in the GT class, with 4 cars in the Amain. Michael Stone qualifying in P2 Andrew Bardetta in P3, Ben Darley in P5 & Payden Budden in P7. The half an hour main final was to be ran under lights in cooler temperatures, making tyre temperatures a challenge on the controlled PMT Q3 tyre, being the handout tyre for the WC.

The first seven minutes would start nose to tail with Top Qualifier Russell Grenenger. After the seven-minute fuel stop, Michael was able to take a 4 second lead, Russell would regain the lead a short time later after an error from Stone. After the second fuel stop, Michael would hold a small lead over Russell, only for Russell to have a collision with another car and some other small mistakes in the later part of the race, giving Stone the win by one lap in the main final.

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1/8 nitro GT results:
1. Michael Stone - XRAY GTX8
2. Russell Grenenger
3. Andrew Bardetta - XRAY GTX8

The rest of the Xray team finishing well with Andrew Bardetta in 3rd, Ben Darly in 5th, & Payden Budden in 7th.
The GTX 2023 platform proving to be super reliable and consistent, throughout qualifying and the main final and most of all, easy to drive.