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Report by Mathias Nedrebo
Last weekend the 7th and last round of the Sor-Cup ("South-Cup") took place in Farsund. The cup consists of races on four different tracks on the south-west coast of Norway.

The clubs have done a great job at recruiting youngsters to the sport, as we also had drivers starting in the 21.5T blinky class.

In qualifying I was fastest in all three rounds, and took the TQ spot in front of Christian Hovden and Rune Svestol.

The first two finals went on without much battling, at least in the front where the first four cars finished in the starting order. This also became the end result.

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(click to enlarge)

13.5 stock results:
1. Mathias Nedrebo - XRAY X4
2. Christian Hovden
3. Rune Svestol - XRAY X4

Mathias X4’s winning setup sheet: HERE